jingle jangle

Golly it’s been a busier week than I thought. And I’ve been more unmotivated than I thought.

Here is a great foto of the Kim Sisters circa 1960s, with their 4001s and 330s and whathaveyou, who I only just found out about. I stole the foto from the Rickenbacker site.


You should take a look right through their gallery o’ fotos because there’s some classics including:

John and his Guitar Group.

Jerry Byrd about to be bashed by Roger Rossmiesl while playing a B-7 guitar. Don Randall, president of Fender, and Forrest White look on.

– The Transonic amp looking very 2001.

Anyway, last sunday I went to Jangam and got a pretend rickenbacker, called Academy pictured here. It’s very neat looking. I am happy.