sinking the bismarck

For some time now I’ve wanted to do this minifotoprojekt. The first foto of four would be a picture of me standing side-on near the kitchen sink. I’d be holding my hands in front of me in a thoughtful way not dissimilar to that picture of Michael Barrish and while that might seem like a passing reference, when the photo is being taken I would be consciously thinking of trying to look like him.

The second foto would be of me, from behind, heading down the jungangno (plaza) at night. In the orange phosphor streetlight walking — snapped with one foot kind of in the air–on the half-step.

Then in the Dunkin Donuts and side-on I am standing by the brightly lit cabinet, tray and tongs in hand, fishing a bismark out of the slanty shelf.

Forth of four would be me about to bite with gusto into the end of the bismark – it probably wouldn’t be a pretty sight but it’d be real. I don’t know where this one would be set yet.

I’ve got to find a friend to help me do this thing.