nanocarbons & narcobarons

Flow on from the last post, to commermorate the times, here’s Luke Vibert’s remix of atomic moog (taken down as of 5/2/07 – YS). It’s good fun!

Ah, I can’t help but feel a little regret, because you know, a man can change – his opinions, his tastes, his level of patience. I speak of a night some two years ago, going to see the Aphex Twin playing in st.kilda with the luke vibert supporting. And how – oh how enthusiastic and wound up I was for the main attraction to begin that I stood against the almost non-existant barrier at the front of the P.O.W. upstairs ‘black box’ and screamed get off get off! at mr.vibert. If it had only been this I may have forgotten the incident by now, or at least have let it fade into a string of semi-weekly in-public humiliating fuck-ups.
But no, and I blame caffiene, I started warbling and quaking and the fence gave way and I went crashing forward into that big bench they put all their stuff on. I broke his apple laptop. Man, that was bad. I got kicked out.

So anyway, now I like teh vibert a whole lot!– enough to get the music off the internet. Well, I did buy one CD 2ndHAND.

Have a nice Day.


For an orphan, my chuseok main day (fri.) wasn’t too bad. Like other times I got invited over the road to the landlord’s joint — I E that is My homie the zen monk at his palatial temple. Unfortunately my mortal enemy, the old woman from next door, was there too but she was in a good mood so it was sweet.
The monk did try to poison me after lunch, but you just gotta roll with the punches like that — it’s the zen sense of humour, you see.