atomic spies

Further on a recently brooched topic; the little cars on Mars are now taking pictures of each other. I guess there was nothing else left to do.

It’s been a warzone around here the last week or two. Me against the mosquitoes. I can’t remember if I ever mentioned the cars that ate Paris scene I saw out the window occasionally, but the short of it is that there was this little truck that would periodically drive around spewing insect fumigation. It hasn’t been around for ages. There’s a slim gap between the sliding wire screens on the window.

Everynight mozzies would wake me and bite me, but y’know they’re not like anglosaxon mosquitoes because they never seemed to withdraw blood, just leave an itchy-bite and then go make another.

Night after night I would lay there in the darkness, hitting myself in the head trying to squash them. I’ve resorted to chemical warfare — I got a can of raid and sprayed the window frame with it. Also a can of less toxic orange-smelling stuff which is good for close combat – way more effective than trying to squash them with hands. Anyway, I’m winning – the last two nights have been peaceful.