Lee Ving’s saliva

Please witness my .mac homepagey. Viewable for as long as their scungey little trial membership lasts for. Y’know if apples only made the hardware and the basic software I would think yep, no problem, they’re cool. But then you get a look at some of the ‘lifestyle’ things – and at the models they have in them and I start to think, hmm well, they could be like me – afterall, I’ve come a long way from the bleak-outlooked cynic that I used to be. But then the clincher is having a look at the songs they offer up to sell at their itunes store — what constitutes alternative, and it makes me shudder.

Progress report: I stuck the vacuum cleaner head up against the laptop fan vent and let it go for it — it’s done wonders – almost back to original levels of quietness. Buoyed by this brainwave with DIY technological know-how, I think I’m going to get a thing of oil and squirt it in there.

Thing three: Nasa might be a two-bit operation that doesn’t get enough money and who spends 90% of what they do get on entertainment and propaganda… but even I have to admit that those two little cars that they landed on mars have done exceedingly well. That’s one success story that they should talk up more.

Addendum: I find my relationship to tv really, really confusing. There’s nothing that it makes now that I can handle. A couple of times I’ve tried watching things that I used to watch as a kid, like Knight Rider, and both what I see and how it makes me feel — the closest thing I can liken it to — is nightmares during fevered sickness. When I did watch it I got uncomfortable because the scenes moved so inexplicably slowly and they added up to nothing. I can’t understand how I watched it as a child.

When I was little time was endless, and apparently it was endless for tv programming too. Not that things like Big Brother and other recent developments are packing in any more vital shit, but somehow they create the illusion that they are.

Some australians will remember there was a segment on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, when in was on in the morning slot, where Daryl and Ozzy would have people send in complaints about different edible products — it was all about bad packaging. They’d get an example of, try and open it and the biscuits would break or whatever and point proved, case closed. A great way to fill up a small part of a slow moving saturday morning.

I might do a vid.podcast like that segment. I just accidentally sprayed nuts all down the sink.