who or what are you?

I bought a mac mini and some bits to plug into it.


As it usually goes though, now that I have the resources to get something like this, I don’t have much time to sit down and really muck around with it. It all seems to work fine though, good for watching the odd d/loaded ep of x-files on before I fall asleep.
The mini came from australia; there was a single apple shop in this country of 48mil, but it closed a couple of months ago. The last time I had electronics imported, a laptop from the US, the customs folks slapped a hefty 10% import fee on it when it got here, but I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t happen this time. I don’t know why.

I got an apple keyboard here, from technomart, because a keyboard is not something to skimp on when it comes to quality. I was there buying it and the guy was like, lol what? you want to buy just this thing seperately? That’s confidence in yr wares for ya.

And because this is the land of the flatpanel lcd screen, I got one, badged as Zeus 2000 BTC, and made by the LG. It’s a full 20.1 inches of bigness. I initally thought it was stuffed but it was just that I hadn’t done the settings right.
That foto looks pretty messy with all the cords everywhere – and it’s the truth – there are cords everywhere but I haven’t done much to get it all out of the way yet.

I am roughly familiar with teh apples software so there haven’t been too many headaches trying to do stuff. I am interested in trying out parallels – because having apple, windows and linux systems all going on the same machine is something I envisioned sometime ago. See here I even cameoed for them.

The perpetually dusty environment at work and home has been taking its toll on the sony vaio laptop and even after only a year the fan inside of it is groaning hideously; bad news beacuse it’s really essential for work, and also because I got it from another country there’s no warranty situation.

* * *

One more technology nerdy bit – I got a new phone. A friend helped me get it, because eventhough it’s on a prepaid system, the kind of visa I’m on won’t let me get it by myself. The old phone was prepaid too, but at a higher charging rate.


Made by the good people at Curitel/Pantech for KTF — there’s no way this thing is getting out of Korea – so mostly this is just for curiosity’s sake for those not here.
The numberpad is pretty damn small which is fine for most korean fingers, but it takes some getting used to for me. It’s a slidey phone which may not be evident from the foto.
One thing I like about it is that it has a stop-watch function, which I’ve sometimes thought would be a good addition to a phone.
The electronic dictionary was a big reason why I picked this one over others – finding out what korean words are when I see them is something I’m always wanting to do — alas, unlike a friend’s phone, this one’s dictionary only goes – english->korean, so isn’t as handy. Most of the things like mp3, I don’t bother using.