bass is arse

The other week I ended up going to this recital thing — a saxaphone quartet. It was pretty cool; you don’t see much brass ’round these here parts. They did a whole range of styles but the latin beatz sounded best. I can’t easily get the fotos onto here right now, so just go check the flickr ya and ya. The guy on the far right was really getting off on playing this snake charmer bit during the samba – I think it was a samba.

I was digging the bass sax – take a look at those huge clamp air holes — it reminds me of some big early 50s gold-plated car engine exhaust. At one point the leader guy gets up (it’s weird, when they were playing I totally zoned out but then in the breaks they spoke and I’d think, ‘oh hey yeah I’m somewhere where I don’t know what they’re saying’) and explained things. He introduced the four instruments – soprano, tenor, alto and aforementioned baritone. They each blew off a brief riff and I realise that the clarinet looking thing – soprano – is what Kenny G plays. And I have to admit it’s a pretty sexy sounding thing. It’s disturbing to have those sylables, kenny g and sexy anywhere near eachother, but it wasn’t just me – all the girls made swoony noises — did I mention that despite this being an outside event the audience was almost completely made up of my students and collegues?

Tenor plays and they go Yeah. Alto plays and they go Yeah. Then the bass guy stands up and hits a few notes and everyone laughs – what’s with that? Like how Ringo was comic relief.