cute, cute in a stupid-ass way

I’ve been listening a bit to Scott Walker. I am the kind of person that can fall in love with a voice and Walker would have to have one of the best male singing voices I’ve ever heard. So far only listened to Scott sings Jacques Brel; a flemish dude. It would be too much to expect to find a noraebang (kareoke joint) that had the song, ‘Jackie’ on the machine, but maybe when I get to that big old singing practice room in the sky, where there are golden tamborines for everyone and the little cans of carbonated beverage are never-ending–maybe I can cavort around and sing it there.

I’m going to start compiling a list for when that day comes:

Jackie – the Scott Walker version
I’m Straight – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
Ordinary World – Duran Duran
the Black Velvet Flag version of the Suicidal Tendencies song, Institutioinalised
…and so on.

Apropos of nothing, have you heard of Abkhazia?

max n lemon

It’s getting near to that time when I need to get a haircut. The place I’d been going to has become tiresome beacuse they keep putting the hard word on me to find one of the loser hairdressers a man from australia. It takes a lot of time and energy when the amount of mutually recognised language is almost nil. Last time they drew me a picture with stick figures depicting the hairdresser, me and ‘friend from hoe-jew’ (australia).
There’s a new place in town called, “The Sham Poo”. I’ll give them a try.