Here are my thoughts on some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to.

Escape pod (science fiction) is the first one I started on, a year ago. I still like it but I cringe when I hear how truly nerdy the rest of the listenership is when feedback is presented. I’m listening to its spawn, pseudopod (horror) too but haven’t heard enough yet to say anything.

More SF is spaceship radio which rebroadcasts old radio plays. I’ve only heard one but it was really fun. It’s that late 40s, early 50s style that I think’s real swell.

I listened to the jon safran and father bob show from radio-dishwater aka JJJ, but frankly it’s rather long and only an option if you’re really bored and on long, night-time bus trips.

As for music solid steel are doing a podcast of one hour of their weekly gig which is always upbeat and good for walking.

A standout is PLU (Vicki Benett) – Do or DIY – a weekly collagey of various fun and inspiring sounds. Good for when you’re in a bad mood because Vicki always says something funny even when it had no intention of being funny.

Some guy from new york had the potential to be interesting – it is shakespeare afterall, but it’s kind of ruined by the pretend dumbness of the guy. It doesn’t need all the pretend stuff about jail.

Rick Steves, rick steves, rick steves – this guy puts his name on everything he can – but as far as travel casts go, it’s pretty informative. Perhaps a little MOR, but it’s ripped from some radio program, this would account for it.

Scince fiction and travel are the two areas I’ve looked at – and the Lonely Planet effort was the first I tried I the latter category. It can be quite good but comes out irregularly.

Road Trip USA.com was the last one, and was too much like a plug for the book of the same name for me to give any thumbs up. Plus it’s only america.