the virtues of donkey milk

There was one particular week when I was wearing some tight jeans. The phone in my pocket was set to vibrate, and it did, many times because it was a particularly busy week. After that things returned to normal, in part. I swapped out for shorts or pocketpants, and the social world lulled. But when I did get a txt msg I would feel a vibration even while the phone was not on my person. It would move around. I would feel that couple of seconds of tingling in my shoulder or chest or foot or even in my crotch.

vibro vibray vibretto

In the future, the nature of the vibration will correspond with the emotional state of the sender.

There was a hollow between his ribs, over the solar plexis, where the soul normally is. Here the device would cradle and connect to his emotional core. When signalled, it would send his unguarded feelings directly to the receiver.
The other was over his third eye, where the will normally is. When placed here, the device would similarly transmit direct thought.
Despite this, limits and ends are still what they are. In his calm darkness he knew there was nothing left.
Swirling in obsession and rising dispair he sent to her a green bruised-purple, ‘whrere r u now?’. What he didn’t realise was that the level of force attached to it shook her dead.
Tragic and wholistic, in her last moments she had hit the resend and added, ‘why?’… The vibrations fedback with a little extra bewilderment and he was annihilated sitting right there in the Krispy Kreme.

donkey cutz