kick back & read the fatass post

I still have problems writing ‘ass’ and most definitely could never say nought but arrse, but ‘fatarse’ disnae look right.

The camp finished. It was a lot of fun despite the 4-5hrs tavelling each day. It was nice working with other westerners — we could be cynical and crack jokes and we all knew what eachother meant. It was good having small classes, 10 kids of grade 1&2 or 5&6, who I could hold better conversations with than I can my regular job’s yr 7 n 8s. That’s the thing about inglish here — whether you got it or not tends to indicate what class you’re from.

Clockwise: Tom for aus-uh-tuh-rae-li-uh, that little kid was kneeing me in the back in a way that’d make the brizzy bears proud, teacher looks on exasperatedly at yet another lucklustre rehearsal of snow white, with a sweet liitle kid.

The actual performances went okay – the students got a little bamboozled by using mics – I tried to practice it but when they get into a new setting with a bunch of people watching – it all goes out the window. There’s not much else to say. Eventhough these were uppermiddleclass kids -or whatever- surprisingly few were brats. Maybe it’s easier to do psychological discipline tricks on little kids…

There was one class that I had once a week that had a rather roudy group dynamic and I could see that I’d have to put the foot down and make an example of one of them. So I made this girl sit in the corner facing the wall — sitting in one of those one-person chair and desk things. And I was writing stuff on the board at the front of the room, with the now obedient students working. And the corner kid would look around behind her, squint a bit then turn back to write something down — it was a classic moment – reminded me a lot of watching someone stick their head out a car window when parking.

I was determined to get some sort of holiday in before going back to the usual grind so I got on the KTX train and zipped off to busan. It really did zip along for the first leg eat least – maybe the tracks weren’t as great after that but it didn’t seem to blur shit as much. Three hrs is still a very decent travel time though. I took an hour ferry out to an island, intending to go to another island but then found out it wasn’t the kind of island you can stay on, so caught the ferry back to busan and stayed there. There’s a small but significant russian community gathered around where the central train station is.. and it was totally weird to see caucasians in numbers. Busan people are more rude than seoul people, which was unexpected.

Weird things included a midmorning air raid drill where all the traffic had to clear the street and make way for a small slow moving parade of emergency vehicles doing laps around the median strip. And some old couple wiv a huge fucking carpet snake (I guess … is it too much to expect a boa constrictor?) doing some kind of shill and demonstration about I have no idea what.


My qwest for a good beach continues because I didn’t find one here. I don’t mind too much because I have the spa here and you can’t expect a small country to have everything.
I went to the aquarium and saw pirhanas and stir crazy tortioses and sharks, big fish, little fish, sad penguins, an idiotman who would say “delicious” at every display he came to… spacerock hypnotic jellyfish, and the thing that made the biggest impression on my good self, – the octopus.



I could feel its ancientness and its intelligence. There is something that is both repellant and sensual about them.