As far as other popstuff goes
1. We happened across a cinema that was showing ‘coffee and cigarettes’ the other week. It was interesting – a little slow in parts. I haven’t bothered to look but I think the whole thing was ad-libbed. It was funny to see Jack n Meg White talking about Tesla. And Cate Blanchett’s bit bamboozled me because I recognised her as the nice, successful one, but I was wondering ‘who is that other rocker australian woman?’ I thought maybe it was Chrissy Amphlett…. rhymes with pamphlet. As it turned up in the credits, Cate Blanchett was doing both parts.

There was a bit of repitition in there. Frankly, repetition is fine if you’re a 19yo college writing student but not if you’re Jim Jarfuckinmusch. The Iggy and Tom Waites bit was noticably ad-libbed, because Iggy appears to be one of these permanently spaced rockers.
It was funny observing the audience reaction during the old mafia guys scene where the silent son comes in and stretches his eyelids in order to mime/explain that wasabi peas aren’t chinese, but japanese. Everyone laughed.