DJ Shadow live in Seoul

I went to that gig last night. It was at ax-seoul hall, which is in the east part of town. That was convenient for me because that’s near where I catch the bus out.
It was a pretty good venue. They could’ve had more people in there. What I really liked about the gig was the speakers — and feeling some of those heavy deep basslines right through my torso and tingling my nose knuckle. Also the visual show on the screen behind the guy was a nice distraction.

I didn’t hear too much that really got me dancing. He played some new stuff off a soon to be released album, and it turned into a variety show when various vocalists would come out and sing over the top of it all, including some bloke from Leeds who had a sound a lot like Thom Yorke.

dj shadow
Shadow takes a moment out to tell us about how they wouldn’t give him a “Mountain Dew” on the plane over.

Certainly I complain a lot about minutae here – the culture, the confuschia, the city and so on. Of course, as always, the problem is mine. One thing though after last night I can say is that I am sincerely grateful that the local folks here don’t sweat (or not much). There was some bloodnut whitey in front of us that reeked to high heaven. Goodness.

Earlier in the evening there was an inpromptu breakdancing sesh that broke out – but died off again rather quickly again too.

break it up!