Here are my thoughts on some of the podcasts I’ve been listening to.

Escape pod (science fiction) is the first one I started on, a year ago. I still like it but I cringe when I hear how truly nerdy the rest of the listenership is when feedback is presented. I’m listening to its spawn, pseudopod (horror) too but haven’t heard enough yet to say anything.

More SF is spaceship radio which rebroadcasts old radio plays. I’ve only heard one but it was really fun. It’s that late 40s, early 50s style that I think’s real swell.

I listened to the jon safran and father bob show from radio-dishwater aka JJJ, but frankly it’s rather long and only an option if you’re really bored and on long, night-time bus trips.

As for music solid steel are doing a podcast of one hour of their weekly gig which is always upbeat and good for walking.

A standout is PLU (Vicki Benett) – Do or DIY – a weekly collagey of various fun and inspiring sounds. Good for when you’re in a bad mood because Vicki always says something funny even when it had no intention of being funny.

Some guy from new york had the potential to be interesting – it is shakespeare afterall, but it’s kind of ruined by the pretend dumbness of the guy. It doesn’t need all the pretend stuff about jail.

Rick Steves, rick steves, rick steves – this guy puts his name on everything he can – but as far as travel casts go, it’s pretty informative. Perhaps a little MOR, but it’s ripped from some radio program, this would account for it.

Scince fiction and travel are the two areas I’ve looked at – and the Lonely Planet effort was the first I tried I the latter category. It can be quite good but comes out irregularly.

Road Trip USA.com was the last one, and was too much like a plug for the book of the same name for me to give any thumbs up. Plus it’s only america.

the virtues of donkey milk

There was one particular week when I was wearing some tight jeans. The phone in my pocket was set to vibrate, and it did, many times because it was a particularly busy week. After that things returned to normal, in part. I swapped out for shorts or pocketpants, and the social world lulled. But when I did get a txt msg I would feel a vibration even while the phone was not on my person. It would move around. I would feel that couple of seconds of tingling in my shoulder or chest or foot or even in my crotch.

vibro vibray vibretto

In the future, the nature of the vibration will correspond with the emotional state of the sender.

There was a hollow between his ribs, over the solar plexis, where the soul normally is. Here the device would cradle and connect to his emotional core. When signalled, it would send his unguarded feelings directly to the receiver.
The other was over his third eye, where the will normally is. When placed here, the device would similarly transmit direct thought.
Despite this, limits and ends are still what they are. In his calm darkness he knew there was nothing left.
Swirling in obsession and rising dispair he sent to her a green bruised-purple, ‘whrere r u now?’. What he didn’t realise was that the level of force attached to it shook her dead.
Tragic and wholistic, in her last moments she had hit the resend and added, ‘why?’… The vibrations fedback with a little extra bewilderment and he was annihilated sitting right there in the Krispy Kreme.

donkey cutz

Foreclose on Vaucluse

I received the rather unpleasant news via the electronic mail that Sunny Breaks’ little brother site, theredshoes.net had been taken for a ride, so to speak. “Phishing” they call it. Something to do with the Bank of Scotland. Buggered if I know what’s going on. In any case, The Man put the shoes on ice temporarily — and then I find out the yearly rent on the space is due anyway, so it looks like it’s going down for good. We never really had time for it.

I would just like to say that I’m damn opposed, damn damn damn opposed to this announcement that Pluto is no longer considered a planet. Think what this will do the the livelihood of thousands of astrologers. Think of all the crappy old school science posters that’ll have to be replaced.
Pluto has been part of our popular planet psyche for as long as most of us can remember.
Those astronomers are forgetting what world they’re part of. If they are going to ref. popular culture by naming their new things after xena, princess warrior, and so on, then popular culture should get the last say on whether Pluto is a planet. And I reckon there’s an orange dog out there somewhere saying, “Yes, it is”.

kick back & read the fatass post

I still have problems writing ‘ass’ and most definitely could never say nought but arrse, but ‘fatarse’ disnae look right.

The camp finished. It was a lot of fun despite the 4-5hrs tavelling each day. It was nice working with other westerners — we could be cynical and crack jokes and we all knew what eachother meant. It was good having small classes, 10 kids of grade 1&2 or 5&6, who I could hold better conversations with than I can my regular job’s yr 7 n 8s. That’s the thing about inglish here — whether you got it or not tends to indicate what class you’re from.

Clockwise: Tom for aus-uh-tuh-rae-li-uh, that little kid was kneeing me in the back in a way that’d make the brizzy bears proud, teacher looks on exasperatedly at yet another lucklustre rehearsal of snow white, with a sweet liitle kid.

The actual performances went okay – the students got a little bamboozled by using mics – I tried to practice it but when they get into a new setting with a bunch of people watching – it all goes out the window. There’s not much else to say. Eventhough these were uppermiddleclass kids -or whatever- surprisingly few were brats. Maybe it’s easier to do psychological discipline tricks on little kids…

There was one class that I had once a week that had a rather roudy group dynamic and I could see that I’d have to put the foot down and make an example of one of them. So I made this girl sit in the corner facing the wall — sitting in one of those one-person chair and desk things. And I was writing stuff on the board at the front of the room, with the now obedient students working. And the corner kid would look around behind her, squint a bit then turn back to write something down — it was a classic moment – reminded me a lot of watching someone stick their head out a car window when parking.

I was determined to get some sort of holiday in before going back to the usual grind so I got on the KTX train and zipped off to busan. It really did zip along for the first leg eat least – maybe the tracks weren’t as great after that but it didn’t seem to blur shit as much. Three hrs is still a very decent travel time though. I took an hour ferry out to an island, intending to go to another island but then found out it wasn’t the kind of island you can stay on, so caught the ferry back to busan and stayed there. There’s a small but significant russian community gathered around where the central train station is.. and it was totally weird to see caucasians in numbers. Busan people are more rude than seoul people, which was unexpected.

Weird things included a midmorning air raid drill where all the traffic had to clear the street and make way for a small slow moving parade of emergency vehicles doing laps around the median strip. And some old couple wiv a huge fucking carpet snake (I guess … is it too much to expect a boa constrictor?) doing some kind of shill and demonstration about I have no idea what.


My qwest for a good beach continues because I didn’t find one here. I don’t mind too much because I have the spa here and you can’t expect a small country to have everything.
I went to the aquarium and saw pirhanas and stir crazy tortioses and sharks, big fish, little fish, sad penguins, an idiotman who would say “delicious” at every display he came to… spacerock hypnotic jellyfish, and the thing that made the biggest impression on my good self, – the octopus.



I could feel its ancientness and its intelligence. There is something that is both repellant and sensual about them.

Snow White Script

Narrator: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way…
There was this kingdom where some people lived. Maybe you know them —

Snow White appears from the side.

Queen: (her voice only) Ho ho ho…

Snow White: Oh my Goodness! It’s my step-mother – the Queen. Shhh!

Queen: Oh mirror, mirror on the wall

Magic Mirror: (turns around) Yes, my Queen.

Queen: Who is the fairest of them all?

Magic Mirror: Why, you are, my Queen.

Queen: Ha ha ha … ha, ha. Excellent.

(Queen turns and begins to walk away)


Queen: Mirror!

Magic Mirror: (turns around more quickly) Ah, yes, my Queen.

Queen: Who is the fairest of them all?

Magic Mirror: The fairest is…

Queen: The fairest is…???

Magic Mirror: (slumps down) Snow White.

(The Queen screams in surprise)

Queen: What did you say? Snow White?
Hunter! Hunter!

Hunter: Queen?

Queen: Take Snow White into the woods. Right away.
(whispers) And then kill her!

Hunter: Oh! Right away?
(He takes a step back. The Queen takes a step forward.)

Queen: Right away!

Hunter: Right away?

(Queen turns and exits)

Hunter: Right now?

(Hunter is thinking. Snow White skips in)

Snow White: Do what right away, Hunter?

Hunter: Oh Snow White! You must run away my Princess. Now. Run!

Snow White: Really? (Snow White runs around the stage once)

(Huffing and Puffing)

Snow White: I can’t run anymore.
Look – a little cottage. Hello? Is anybody in there?

(She opens the door and looks around. She starts cleaning and making dinner. She dances and sings “We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz”)

Narrator: And so Snow White started cleaning and cooking. Cooking and cleaning. In fact she couldn’t stop cleaning and cooking.

(narrator looks sideways, irritated at Snow White)

Narrator: Or singing. Or dancing.

Dwarf 1: Home again, home again, jiggidy-jig.

Dwarf 2: Wow! Somebody cleaned the house!

Dwarf 3: Wow. Somebody cooked dinner.

Dwarf 4: Wow! Somebody is sleeping in our bed.

All Dwarves: Who is she?

(Snow White wakes up, stands up)

Snow White: I’m sorry to come in without asking.
My name is Snow White and I’m on the run.

Dwarf 1: That’s terrible.

All Dwarves: You can stay with us.

Snow White: Thank you. Thank you so much.

(Cut to the Queen’s Castle)

Queen: Ho ho ho! Ah Mirror, mirror, Who’s the fairest of them all?

Magic Mirror: The fairest of them all is still Snow White.
She’s living in a small cottage in the woods.

Queen: What… What… What did you say?


Queen: Then I have a good idea.
I will poison an apple.

Magic Mirror: And then?

Queen: (dresses up like an apple merchant)
I will pretend to be an apple merchant.

Magic Mirror: And then?

Queen: Then I will go to the cottage and feed it to her.

(Cut to Cottage)

(Knock Knock Knock)

Snow White: Who’s there?

Queen: Apple seller.

(Snow White opens the door)

Queen: Ah my pretty, do you want to buy an apple?

Snow White: No thanks.

Queen: Well… Here, this is my gift to you. Try it. It’s delicious.

(The Queen hands her an apple)

Snow White: Yum. It’s very tasty. Whoah, I’m dizzy.

(falls over)
(The Queen removes her costume.)

Queen: From now on, I’m the most beautiful in the world. Ho ho ho!

(Thunder and lightening flashes. The Queen disappears.)

All Dwarves: (appear next to Snow White)
Oh dear, What happened?

Dwarf 1: Look at this. Snow White ate a poison apple.

Dwarf 2: The Evil Queen must have done this.

All Dwarves: Oh Princess, Princess! Woe.

(The sound of horse’s hoofs)

Prince: What’s the matter?

Dwarf 1: Our good Princess ate a poison apple.

Prince: (Kneels over Snow White)

Oh, poor Princess.

Snow White: (Coughs up the piece of poison apple)


Dwarf 2: Oh man, the Princess coughed up the poison apple.

Everybody: Hurrah! The Princess woke up.

Snow White: Oh who are you?

Prince: Princess, I’m a Prince from a neighbouring country.
Will you marry me?

All Dwarves: Of course she will!

Everybody: Hah hah hah…!

Narrator: And so Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after. The Dwarves went back to work at their diamond mine and the Wicked Queen eventually got what she deserved. THE END.

please: change pt 1


It is summer and so the windows are open all the time. At three o’clock the other night I was woken by something going on outside on the street. I looked and saw four grey aliens running around with one of those little red daelim motorbikes. A couple of minutes later they disappeared, then reappeared half an hour later, this time with a silver motorscooter as well.
They parked them right out under my window and gabbed on in that gutteral zeta-reticulan lingo of theirs. I looked again and was puzzeled at their body-language. They moved in a rapid, spidery way, as they always tend to, but also the way they poked at the bikes– taking the keys from the ignition and trying to open the under-seat compartment and so on– reminded me of monkeys. Monkeys like the prehistoric scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey. One would normally assume that they’d brought the bikes with them from their spaceship… a nocturnal joyride through the quietened streets where they’re they’re less likely to be ‘encountered’.
But y’know I got the feeling that they’d actually stolen these bikes. And while aliens disgust me in most ways you care to mention, one decent quality they posess is that they’re not big into theft. I mean, they can magic-up anything they want on that UFO of theirs. Believe me – I’ve seen it happen.

I was aggrivated because I was losing sleep. I’m not good without sleep. I put underpants on. I turned all the lights on, went to the window and slid the flywire screen open.

“HEY! Get outta here ya punks! …. FAHCK OFF!” I screamed in a menacing tone.

The whole time they’d not seen me watching them, so were surprised to be yelled at from nowhere.They backed away from the bikes a few steps as if they were about to scatter.
“Ooor… sorry. Veddy sorry”, one of them said. I stepped away from the window but they quickly took the bikes with them and rebivouacked further down the street. Since the arrival of their kind in 1947 they’ve very slowly been learning English, but apparently it’s been taken up much more heartily in the last ten years or so. Nevertheless, they still have trouble with the Rs.

Within ten minutes I’d brought my adrenilin and temper under control and settled back down to sleep.
I surprise myself because I am becoming someone else. To age is one thing, but to transform in nature and attitude… is someone else entirely. The course of action I took that night, which may seem mundane to some or most, is one that I never would’ve imagined myself taking – even as little as two months ago.

As far as other popstuff goes
1. We happened across a cinema that was showing ‘coffee and cigarettes’ the other week. It was interesting – a little slow in parts. I haven’t bothered to look but I think the whole thing was ad-libbed. It was funny to see Jack n Meg White talking about Tesla. And Cate Blanchett’s bit bamboozled me because I recognised her as the nice, successful one, but I was wondering ‘who is that other rocker australian woman?’ I thought maybe it was Chrissy Amphlett…. rhymes with pamphlet. As it turned up in the credits, Cate Blanchett was doing both parts.

There was a bit of repitition in there. Frankly, repetition is fine if you’re a 19yo college writing student but not if you’re Jim Jarfuckinmusch. The Iggy and Tom Waites bit was noticably ad-libbed, because Iggy appears to be one of these permanently spaced rockers.
It was funny observing the audience reaction during the old mafia guys scene where the silent son comes in and stretches his eyelids in order to mime/explain that wasabi peas aren’t chinese, but japanese. Everyone laughed.

DJ Shadow live in Seoul

I went to that gig last night. It was at ax-seoul hall, which is in the east part of town. That was convenient for me because that’s near where I catch the bus out.
It was a pretty good venue. They could’ve had more people in there. What I really liked about the gig was the speakers — and feeling some of those heavy deep basslines right through my torso and tingling my nose knuckle. Also the visual show on the screen behind the guy was a nice distraction.

I didn’t hear too much that really got me dancing. He played some new stuff off a soon to be released album, and it turned into a variety show when various vocalists would come out and sing over the top of it all, including some bloke from Leeds who had a sound a lot like Thom Yorke.

dj shadow
Shadow takes a moment out to tell us about how they wouldn’t give him a “Mountain Dew” on the plane over.

Certainly I complain a lot about minutae here – the culture, the confuschia, the city and so on. Of course, as always, the problem is mine. One thing though after last night I can say is that I am sincerely grateful that the local folks here don’t sweat (or not much). There was some bloodnut whitey in front of us that reeked to high heaven. Goodness.

Earlier in the evening there was an inpromptu breakdancing sesh that broke out – but died off again rather quickly again too.

break it up!

winos et enfantes

My boy-princess chickened out – and instead will be the wicked queen. But it’s still going good. I finished the reworked script yesterday. There are numerous intertextual references going on in there. Those kids I am directing are grade 5 or 6, but most of the day I’m teaching grade one or two.
How strange it must be to look around at your peers and see their teeth in various states of absence. Most of the little girls have only one front tooth going on, a few have none.

aha ha