But it’s not all bad. Compared to last year – the camp I did then, where I was just waiting in limbo for it to end, I think this one is going to be more fun.
The kids are pretty smart, and so far, motivated too.

I am currently doing an experiment by bringing the laptop with me, but I don’t understand wireless networks. I thought if my computer found one, and it said it was unsecured, that I would be able to connect to it, but it seems not. Plus it’s raining heavy again, and the keyboard and all are just a bit too unweildy to use on the bus or subway. Maybe I could get used to it if I was doing it every day but I prefer sitting it on a table of some sort.

But anyhoo – as with all english camps there is some performance aspect to it, and a perrenial favourite is snow white, and in great korean tradition we will mix gender roles for titilation and novelty value. I have a boy playing snow white. It’s going to be fucking spectacular — I’ve never actually been fully at the helm of something like this – and at a size of 10 kids (grade five or six) it should be managable. And yet more than that because they’re all really into it. The script I was given is quite short, so easy to modify. As writer and director I’m going to win that damn contest.

Yeah, so while I have had many-a-thought of small things to write here during my lengthy transits, when I do actually have the means to write to it almost directly, it all seems like so much dross.