I started this camp week and am spending 2 to 2 and a half hours travelling on PT either way. The time part isn’t that bad, I’ve been reading, gawking, trying out different podcasts — but the regualar invasions of personal space are trying.
It’s the way things are here, I’ve known that for a while, and tollerated it each weekend when travelling through the metropolis, but ya know – I am a country boy, from a very sparsely populated continent. I am not homophobic, but I am hetero and therefore I don’t enjoy having some guy rest his leg or arm against mine. It’s second nature for guys to do that here, but would be unusual on, say, the train from Geelong to Melbourne.
Additionally because of the meat drinks and protien and doughnuts, the people in this country are getting wider, fatter, beefier, call it how you want — the problem is that they aren’t fitting well onto the subway seats anymore. The seats should be bigger.