Traffico temporaneamente bloccato

look, he's wearing a watch! just like a real hand

It’s funny when some kid is trying to explain something to you and then they look up some word on the electric phone dico and the 1. definition is: have bitter experiences. Like, “excuse me, I’m having a bitter experience here”.

have [get] the worst of it; have a hard [bad, rough, tough] time (of it) (with a person); pay dearly (for); have hard luck; suffer severly (from); catch it hot; burn one’s fingers; have a dreadful experience.

Bitter Dregs

I was down at the spa last night and ended up talking to a couple of Slovenians. My ideal self diverged from my real self directly after asking them ‘Where are you from?’ The ideal self, perhaps like that fascist Tintin, or that fascist 007, when told, “We’re from Slovenia”, would’ve been able to reply in Slovenian, Hello, How are you? and How’s the weather? But in reality there is a vague, foggy grayness over that part of the map where Slovenia is and nothing more.

I was thinking that if I said anything about it, it’d all be guess work and I’d probably get them confused with who ever was opressing them for however long it was. I looked it up on the ol’ wikropedia when I got home and as it turns out, Slovenia is actually a pretty well-off country. Good for them.
It was a father and son. The father was a psychiatrist and the son a chemistry student attending some debate in Busan.

I think part of the reason why I write less here these days is because since they stuck my desk in a room by myself I don’t even have to pretend like I’m being productive — tapping away on the keyboard makes me feel so much like I’m actually doing something.