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It’s been raining here like the blitzkrieg.

hangang high

I suppose it’s testament to how much water this country gets because it’s amazing how unruffled the workings of society have become. Australia would’ve ground to a standstill because it just doesn’t get rain like this ever. It’s been raining pretty much solid for three or four days — sometimes heavy and some light — but always.

That’s the river that bisects the metropolis and while it may not look impressive to those unfamiliar with it, it’s bizarre to me to see it up so high, as I did when catching a bus over it on saturday.

That piece of gutter trash, K Scene magazine, had an unusually decent article on things Punk. It mentioned the city of Cheongju (정주) as being something of an out-of-the-capital nexus. So yesterday I went there looking for punks. Maybe it was too early in the day but I didn’t see any. I did however observe quite a bit of Bavarian influenced architecture. Go figure. Pictures at my pony flickr.

I’m about ready to murder the old lady next door and her yapping little dog. They’re both insane and they’re making me insane. I feel like that guy in Dostoyevsky’s /Crime and Punishment/ – I just don’t see any other way out. Except perhaps moving to another apartment, which I may well do over the inverted commas summer break.