champs = shomps

I almost chucked a spasty because Duran Duran’s ‘Ordinary World’ wasn’t an option at the noraebang (that is, kareoke). It’s one of my dreams to be able to sing the one off well as is doing cartwheels. But so I went for Blue Suede shoes, which admittedly was pretty good fun and within my tonal range. ‘Can’t buy me love’, wasn’t but I still had a crack at it, and dueted with the ex-dance teacher on the whitney huston song that goes I will always love you. I don’t kow that song at all but what the hey — it’s hard to say no when ur out with 4 lovely ladies.
At least I didn’t make any really bad choices – like going Doors’ The End after others have sung Hey Mickey you’re so fine, and Let’s Go Crazy.

overlocking clover

* * *
I went back to zee immigration bureau this morning to pick up my papers. I see they have a bus with bars on the windows in the car park.