nine parts water, one part sand

Having a creditcard is good because you can take advantage of suckers like They have a free trial where you can get 50 songs. I would say it was an alright website except they’re missing large chunks of good music in their selections. Here’s what I schnaffled:

    Group Sex
    I shot JFK
    Media Blitz
    I don’t care about you
    and Stepping Stone — by Black Velvet Flag off of Come Recline with … Kind of surprising that it was there – maybe GoKart Records got bought out by one of the demon-labels.

    Kid Koala’s ‘Live From the Short Attention Span Audio Theater Tour’ ep
    The Dirty Three’s most recent album, Cinder. Eventhough I still loathe Warren Ellis and this is probably the more commercial of their stuff, I cannot deny that I thirst teh Australian Rock — and with that ->
    Scientists – Blood Red River — because it’s good to know your hard rocken australian history.

    4 tracks from Stereo Total’s ‘Oh Ah!” album.
    And with the last two of my free fifty, I was thinking I realy should get my money’s worth so I went searching for the extra long live version of dazed and cofused, eventhough I already have it, I thought I would d/load it from them just out of spite. But then I came across one of those groups of classical musicians who are willling to pwn themselves for the dollar and record roktrax — They are called The Hampton String Quartet and they do a cover of Ded & Ced, and also Aqualung.