Y’know I’ve heard from depressives that it is that part of the day when the daylight lessens and night gradually comes on – I’ve heard that’s when they get antsy. I’ve heard just in general that sunday evening is when normals get the downers. Not me — I can sometimes get a subtle feeling of dread on a sunday morning, usually because there are a million things that I shoud do or want to do and I’m lucky if I get two of them completed. It gets to midday and I can see the day slipping away like a jeep slowly sliding sideways down a muddy embankment. But once it gets to evening and I’ve had dinner and I can have a shower and get in my jaamies — then I can think well at least that’s over.

It seems I have got myself involved in another camp, this summer at the uni in seoul called yonce-ay. Teaching little kids, which’ll be a welcome change. I was grading some on saturday. Sitting at a desk with a little 6 year old on the other side and asking them what job they want to do when they grow up. I had to read it because it was on the sheet.