I did another train adventure – this time the yellow line, which has no number. Apparently double digits is out of the question, and line nine, for all its rhythm, is already taken.
It was boring because it was all underground ad there wasn’t much to look at when I did get to Bojeong either; just highways and highrises. I was looking at them and trying to figure out what it is that brings the dread when I look at them — I mean – little miners cottages all used to look the same too – and just because they’re tall, does that mean they are devoid of feeling?

order and sense

But yellow line takes it for most amount of good station names:
starting at seolleung – and thanks for the fish
Hanti – anty
suseo – suzy-oh
Tapyeong — sounds like a fish.
Moran – hey that’s an english surname, they used to own the milkbar down the street
yatap – yes you do
Imae – or I mae not.
Sunae — sunnay – funnay!
and Ori – sorry.


a Tapyeong fish about to be t-boned by a turtle.