one, one, one? one, one.

I dreamt I was an amputee victim. Instead of my left arm there was a nub uh ninch and a half long at my left shoulder. In a sleeveless tee I could wiggle it and unnerve others. But mostly I wore long sleeved shirts, and when I did I had the empty sleeve neatly ironed flat, with a fold ironed at the elbow so that it folded back toward the torso. I safety-pinned the cuff to the hem of my shirt.
Ironically, I now took more care and time doing the ironing than I ever did as a two-armed man.
My folded shirt-sleeve stood at attention like a beacon of my uni-handedness. I would ride the subway like that and when I saw people looking I would raise my eyebrows a couple of times in quick succession. In the dream my eyebrows were bushier.

Finally the day came when I was able to buy the mechanical, prosthetic limb I’d had my heart set on. It was a pink colour and had some plastic, dark-red buttons on the inner. They were pre-programmable. One button made my hand and fingers assume a ‘V’ for victory, which was handy for foto-opps. Also, form the shape of a cup, with which to hold a cup. Point a finger — good for work. The last button was hold-a-pick w/variable speed strumming. On high speed I could easily join a progressive hard rock band, which I did.

In the last part of the dream I was playing bass on stage in a cover band in Itaewon. We were doing Radiohead’s Karma Police but the arm went berserk and made a real mess of it. I felt embarrassed.