It’s another wonderfully dark day – such as the one pictured in the last entry. Winter can often be monotonous with its sunny day after sunny day but this time of year is less predictable. Differing light conditions can make for memorable moments for me. And I could have had an interesting day except I’m stuck at school. There’s some state standard tests on – so no classes but my slacker supervisor didn’t think to tell me or ask the VP if I could have the day off.

At least I am finished the linguo studies for the semester, which means a stressload off.
I gave up the dancing because they asked me for money. I thought were letting me go just because I was me. So I said Forget you pal.
Twice a week was too much of a time commitment anyway. And it was nowhere near as much fun as the Irish dancing back in geelong. I got to thinking about how any specific dancing style arises in a particular culture – is it something that’s in the genes of the people.
I did one lesson of cha-cha and it was mind-bogglingly hard. Jive wasn’t easy either – and while I was a long way from mastering it — they showed us this video of the jivey championships in seoul – and in my opinion they’ve got it all wrong anyway. It’s not about how quickly you can do it or how sharp your twirls are — it’s about *feeling* — and ultimately, dancing as a social, participatory activity. This video showed two people in the middle of a stage, and dozens of others standing around the sides watching. That’s bullshit.
Can you tell I’ve been hammering out essays all week?


Please note: I’ve been trying to get wif the web, 2nd edition, and so have a flickr page. I try to be more discerning with what images go onto the page here – but the flickr thing allows for a more open approach – so if you’re interested in happysnaps, go.

I am looking here via the Ubuntu OS, and note that it must have some better screen drivers or something because I now see that I didn’t get the shades of green correct between the header images and the page background — whoops.

Also, one of my work collegues, the only good one, has a homepagey – a blog infact – so if you can read the hangul – check out damtangee.