This place has gone soccer-crazy. Everyone’s wearing red t-shirts and devil horns. Australia (hoe-jew) played last night. Today I got various comments about it, mainly just the word “Hiddink” – the dutch coach, who in the past, coached s.korea. They all think that he was 100% responsible for hoe-jew winning. It went a little something like this: “ah, Hiddink … potato. Today! kooorea … black people. Meaning that they are playing Togo tonight.
I hope they win, or wife-beating and other domestic violence will be higher than normal tomorrow.

That thing in the last post was that someone had referred to the logic in zen essay I did ages ago.

It was my birthday on sunday and I had kind of a polly-wolly-crappy day. It was like any other day but I was expecting it to be special.
I have one more week until my studies are done for the semester.