frozen ponds can be dangerous

A slight addendum. Melbourne did end up doing its own zombie thing. I’m not going to link to any of the photos because it’s just poserish nonsense. They hassled a Greek family reunion or something, which is the height of bad manners.

another billy

I am watching the previously mentioned ‘Charley Says’ dvd of English TV public announcements. Trying to find a computer program that’ll allow me to show some shots of it. I recognise one of the Charley commercials as being sampled by Aphex Twin.

One of the co-teachers has taken to using a trad. bamboo flute as an instrument of discipline. Well, not much whacking, mostly just hitting it on hard surfaces to cause attention-getting noise. I’ve heard that at one time Japanese samurais had their swords taken from them and they became experts at killing wid de bamboo flute.

I’ve been doing these few extry classes a week which has been pushing the committment level to dangerously close to their not being enough time for fun and goofing off in the week. It’s conversation I’m supposed to be teaching them but it’s surprisingly hard and to take a step back and think about it, it’s funny that I should be the one attempting it given my poor skillz in such area. Since I’m not being supervised by THE MAN the way all the normal classes are, I’m thinning the convo in favour of vocabulary which is more fun.

For instance today apples were mentioned and I took the op. to let them know that there’s more than one kind of apple. Here, for all intents and purposes there is just a mongrel oversized red delicious, know as ‘apple’. I showed them a picture of a Golden Delicious and told them the name. They were instantly impressed because surely something with the word delicious right there in its name must be good.