neptune the mystic

Wow I don’t know how a week goes by like that.

I had to ditch the, ‘The Red Shoes’ project. After a year and a half it just wasn’t working. I’d only done two posts and it wasn’t getting links or comments. Not even spam-comments, which leads me to the suspicitn that it wasn’t really on the internet at all.

Often I would see people on the street or in the subway with red shoes on but I wouldn’t have the camera. Or I would but then not feel like approaching them and mime/hand gesture ‘can I take a picture of yr red shoes and you?’. That kind of thing Andy Warhol might’ve got away with but not me.

I stuck a clean install of Pivot there because I’d been considering switching back to it. I asked a question or two about database transferral at their support forum but typically, the bastards didn’t answer.

Here is a short list of obscure things I want or have recently ordered.

Charley Says… The Best Public Information Films In The World [1970]
The Golden Age of ATARI Game Musics
King of Woolworths – Ming Star

Cosmo Vitelli – Clean

Right now I am listening to Gustav Holst The Planets. Cassical music is like the ambient section of olden days. Work has been pushing my needle into the red so the ambients is good.