sports day 06

sports day 05.

I secretly wish that they would propose an impromptu race among the teachers so I could show them that I would whip their arses if I had the opportunity. I had a bunch of ace reporters walking around interviewing participants for the school hompagey and even got them to ask the question, ‘which teacher do you think would win in a race?’, but most of them said their home-room teacher.

Must be verging on a full moon or something because during their semi-final, a grade 2 (year 8) class volleyball team spontaneously wept en masse. That’s how piqued they were, but they went on to win the final, so go figure.

Fittingly, that’s Lord Nelson on the right in the first pic. If I know my hanguk-ohh (and why the hell shouldn’t I?) the sign they hold says ‘No sleep til Brooklyn’. Focus on facial expressions this year.

tug o war