voiced aspirates

I was intending to write a bit titled, “Missing Link online mail order: fails it” – but they’re not that bad. I have to give them a partial credit. I’d been in the process of ordering a few things off them. To be honest, there were difficulties. They didn’t seem accustomed to sending stuff overseas. There is a (now finished) email volley totalled at (11) sitting in my inbox.

But the package did get here, and with a hand written note, which is always endearing. The stuff was wrapped in old punk-rock gig posters. The stuff is B(if)tek’s 2020 album, and The Church’s double compilation, Hindsight. Both are known and well liked here at Sunny B’s. On the Missing Link website they were offering 2020 on vinyl with a bonus B(if)tek t-shirt. I wrote and asked if I could get the t-shirt with the CD. They said yes.

* * *

I’m reading material from the text book for the next linguistics assignment. Study reading isn’t supposed to be interesting or at magazine-level reading-difficulty. I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth. For instance, did you know that at one time, ‘girl’ was used to mean any young person, not just girls. The assignment is on how langauges change through time — interesting!

*   *   *

Oh, um I could dig this too. I’m always doing that, damn foreigners.