a minor note on the politically walking-dead

As a former member of the activist Left  have to say that these zombies are really fucking shit up for old-style political action. No longer will it be passable to do a regular demo or march about global warming — oh no, the participants will also have to be dragging a leg or spassing it to get noticed by the media. A hunger strike on the steps of parliament in support of an independent Kurdish state will mean nothing unless it involves quantities of raspberry sauce and the pronounced abstinence from human flesh as well as other kinds.

From where I’m at, May Day didn’t get a mention while the zombies did.

Notice the permutations too; like, ‘I’ll be a zombie, but I want to be a princess zombie’. And how the the the small groupings of goths gravitate to the mass, as if looking for kin. Lastly, it’s not surprising that so far, this has happened in Sydney and Brisbane, but not Melbourne.