wig wah my tremolo

I haven’t really bought any toys all year. I’m saving for a prison. But I miss not having several musical instruments lying around unused. Today I tracked down a decent sized cluster of musical instrument shops in the metropolis. There was a lot of overlap but I did spy this tasty looking Fender Jazzmaster:

I don’t know what I want to be though. I still and always will love the heavyness of dragging a jagged triangle of roofing slate across the electrical cables of a bass guitar. I like the idea that I could now buy such a vintage piece of technology as pictured, coupled with a warm amp and a million years of reverb/delay. And I like the visualisation of me in tights and a cape standing behind a chunky battery of keyoards n drum machines and sequencers and midis and a laptop. There were some interesting keyboards there today but I know FA about them.

Also I bought a coconut. It’s not everyday you see coconuts for sale here. I accidentally left it in a restaurant. It’s odd that folks here will eat practically anything that comes out of the ocean — but when it comes to coconuts they drill the hole, drink the milk out and throw the rest away. Inconceivable!