invincible frogger

I’m not impervious to the idea that I got this kind of sick because I’m sick of my job. I could’ve faked sick for a week but there’s no way my conscience would’ve let me — and I needed an out of schedule break. I’m sure things will get better – they always work out somehow but today it occurred to me it’s not that the job got worse this year, it’s just that it’s /a job/. It’s about this time of year – spring – when this lousy country starts to look half decent and I feel like bussing off to another unseen pocket of it.

It’s great getting all the sleep I want for a period longer than a weekend. I’ve had vivid dreams last night and today. Several back in my spiritiual home of geelong and the west coast; the pivot being where sea and land meet. Lots of vivid colours and I was continually cursing myself for not having my camera at hand. I was somewhere on a lonely country road. To the right there was a faded blue farmhouse that looked unlived in. Along the fence I saw 4 blue-faced witches walking in a line and I was impressed with how their colours set on the red of the rained-on pine needles underfoot. There were several large objects over the fence there — like a blow-up jump castle that glowed because it had lights in it. Other things too, but near each I saw a camera (same model as mine) lying on the ground. I thought about grabbing one but didn’t because of the witches… and they probably weren’t cameras at all.

I was on a lightweight, outboard motor boat that was skimming over the top of a wide, muddy, clay-red river. I could see fields and fields of silverbeet. It felt like a delta region a long way south of here.