shot him in the arse on the dance floor

Oh man I don’t know what I was thinking. I hadn’t been to a doctor in six years – not since my ear was blocked. Western doctors are just as bad as dentists. But I had a fever when my collegue suggested I should go – and, tripping, I thought Yes, I should.  I should’ve just gone to the yak guk (chemist) like I always do and got the pills.

The doctor could speak english and did for a little bit, but it was all rush rush and at the crucial part – saying something about an injection – she switches to talking korean. So I get this needle in my arse -= and I don’t know what it was, but I suspect a “flu vaccination” which is fucking ridiculous considering the flu is what I went there suffering of. Well.. I thought I had TB maybe too…

I felt a little okay last night but maybe that was just because my friend came around. Then this morning I get it wrong and go to meet the busses for the camp – and find out it’s not til tomorrow. Then I started to feel really crap, and was in achey agony all day because I thought the stupid injection was in some way about to help me.

I eventually went and got the cold n flu things tonight and felt pain-less half an hour later. Dumb hospital. And now I’m going to miss the camp because I had to make a decision if I could go or not this afternoon.