1 2 oh my god

I got caught out in some pretty nasty toxic, yellow dust storms last saturday and now I have bubonic plague. I am going to a local hospital this afternoon for the first time since being here. There’s no such thing as a G.P, or general practitioner’s office – it’s all at hospital. So if there’s an even longer gap between posts here, you’ll know that they did not let me out.

Plague aside, I think I’ve just being going through a rough patch. I had to drop one of my linguo subjects because it was freaking me out too much. I figure it’s not the students’ fault if they can’t keep themselves from talking. I am on da mic. now which will be good for the thorax. And the lorax. It’s unfortunate for the students at the back tables in the room because they automatically become apathetic troublemakers – it is unavoidable even for goody-goodies. There’s this one girl who I think of as Lord Nelson – something about the slight jowls and haircut; all she needs is a mascara moustache. And we had come to loggerheads recently after everything being plain sailing last year — it’s because she is at the back of the room. Anywho, she obviously felt bad about how I was giving the cold shoulder and did her best to apologise. This consisted of several bows. I shook her hand and begin to see how this drunkeness on the overstimulation of sitting at group tables will subside as they get just that little bit older.

Am off on a camp, or ‘field trip’ tomorrow to GyeongJu which is a town with a bunch of historical junk.

My favourite song at the moment is called ‘stalker song’ by king of woolworths. Go there, scroll down a bit and it’s in .mp3 or real format.