The only good thing about the new batch of year 7s is that the numbers are down – from 46-48 last year to 36-37 this year. The only drawback, and I’m talking about a speck of sand, is that there’s fewer statistical outliers on the freakage metre.

There’s one kid with hella teeth. When she smiles I can see there’s this auxillary pair of canine in the upper, set slightly inside the normal row. Nice kid, but she knows I’m lookin’ at those teeth when she grins. There’s a pair of duplicates. I just figured it out yesterday. Part of my¬† (mostly ineffective) noise control measures was seating them at the tables according to the 4-digit student number that is alotted them based on name, alphabetically. I have this “troublesome”, as they say, student sitting in a particular spot near the front in class 1-x. Then a day later while with class 1-y I notice the same damned girls sitting there and twigged that they were twins. Their parents must be real pleased to have a pain-in-the-arse pair like that.

There’s this one girl who is in all other ways normal, but that she has large ears. They are not the more common taxi-door shape, just bigger. Like the those TDK ads (australia). Still quite symmetrical but like the right proportion to fit a mid-sized watermelon, but placed on a coconut. I have to say that it’s wholly not an unattractive look either. Kind of distinctive among a sea of alike. The kind of thing that’d help in a job interview when the panel didn’t really give a toss or know who to hire because the credentials were all the same — “well who then?” “What about that girl with the ears?” “Whatever.”