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When the admin guy at work says to me, “parcel”, my eyes light up. Because it means I have a parcel.

Right back when I was doing poetry I’d swap dub tapes with a very Sonic Youthy-vibed kind of guy – he had lots of vaguely obscure indie-ish stuff – like ricaine and June of ’44 – american groups that always had to get their stuff pressed in Canada. Most of it didn’t take, but there was this one album by a Melbourne band called Sandro. The most melancholy shiznit joo evar heard.

They are broken up now, and their stuff is pretty hard to get but I snagged this one that I used to like. All those dubbed tapes with no details but plenty of memories are loaded into a cheap suitcase a long way away.

I love hate songs

I got it off ebay. It’s the first time I’d done bidness with that organisation, and it wasn’t really even an auction, it was just a 2nd hand dealer (in the US) who had it, for a reasonable price too. The case was pretty badly smashed when it got here – but the CD intact. That’s the first time that’s happened. Easy enough to put in another jewel case. I do bidness with the amazons a bit now too, and have to say I’ve never had any trouble with them. I was so impressed I bought the company. And so on.

Here is the 2nd track hawaiian pole dancer (it’s gone now, he’s a monster now[8/10/06]).