I sincerely apologise

for not writing here more often lately. I guess I’ve been sick – spending a lot of time hacking up phlegm. Also I guess I am my own worst critic and I feel like I should be able to do better than just writing general howdy-do and how are ya going? posts one after another.

I watched Annie Hall again last night. I never realised before that it has Marshall McLuhan in it.

I am reading this book that wrote the name of here before – We: Understanding the psychology of romantic love. And I’m kind of surprised because it is really good. Written in 1945 (scratch that it was 1983) and dealing with a pretty heavy/obscure topic (western man’s loss of contact with the feminine side within) – it’s actually pretty easy to read. The myth that it illustrates with, Tristan & Iseult is good too — it’s odd that I hadn’t heard of it before. I can see how I’m making a lot of mistakes, and yet how I will continue onward and make them anyway.

i thought it was supposed to be a peace sign

Give Peace stapler a chance

Y’know my mum gave up reading this thing. She emailed and said the writing lacked integrity. Nevertheless, here is a list of things I want for my birthday, even if it is a way off, a way off in this instance, constituting June.

Perishables. Lord how I miss perishables. Masterfoods hot english mustard. Whole grain mustard. Cream – fuck I miss cream; it’s about 10$AUD a litre here. I realise it might be difficult getting cream through customs. Fetta cheese – I may be able to track this down somewhere in seoul. Sohhh-UuLL. Carbonated mineral water. Fisherman’s Friends. I dunno there’s a whole bunch of other stuff I can’t remember now.