my horse has a cold

I have a cold.  I have started studying, or that is, did start studying again at the start of this month and now it’s caught up with me. I am doing linguistics, applied; via the university of southron quinnslend. I’m not sure why – apart from it will get me ore money.  Maybe it’ll get interesting.

I am going to start dancing tonight. Learning ‘latin’ which includes rhumba, cha cha, and jive, which I’m sure is not latin in origin. We’ll see how it goes, I think the rates may be a bit steep to continue for any truly sustained period.

I have also become someone’s guru. Plus I am still courting the young lady.

So all this makes for one rather busy chappy. Especially given that I’m generally unmotivated to do most things in life.

I would *like* to be one of those super-productive people who utilises every spare moment — but I don’t know how they don’t snap and go and kill a bunch of people. Thankyou and good day.