I try not to do venting on here but the laboratory experiment is presently challenging. I have no sanctuary. My existence is being worn away by the forces of nature, in the form of youth/energy/noise. I’m not exaggerating to say that I sustained some small amount of hearing damage this week. You put 48 16 (14) y.o. girls in a confined space with a certain set of acoustics and it can kill you.

I yell at them and they don’t understand what I say. I have this white board that has a electronic plug-hole in it, and nobody knows how to use it. It has no writing on it whatsoever for me to google. For all I know, it came from outer space.

My stress levels have gone up the yinyang. There’s still money in the budget and they’re asking me what we should get and all I can think of is 50 ball gags, the use of which would unfortunately make the teaching of conversational English fairly redundant. It’d be an interesting experiment though.