It seems that a man can’t buy a regular old soundtrack, like the one to The Good, The Bad and The Ugly without having the VCDs of the movie thrown into the little cardboard box too.

I got it because I realised that I am a gunslinger, and that I need some mood music for to play on the iPod when I’m striding down the street. Occasionally I see another of my ilk. Sometimes we lock eyes but don’t draw, sometimes give a nod, or as with the other night in the supermarket, say hi. We are wolves among sheep.

I watched the movie again. Anyone who doesn’t barrack for Tuco must be a real arsehole. I don’t see what’s so good about Eastwood’s character. So – he gives a smoke to an almost dead soldier, so what?

I think there is a little Tuco in us all. I love Tuco. I want to get a t-shirt made with that graphic on. It’s a bit crappy because none of the dumb media players will allow screen-caps of the vision. I had to take a foto of the computer.

Vicki Bennett is also a big Tuco fan. Practically every non-word vocalisation Tuco makes in the movie has been threaded into People Like Us tracks. “Woh!”