explosion imminent

I got this spam-mail, which in itself is not perculiar, but this one struck me as a tad funny because of the continual use of the phrase, “get laid”.

We promiss to get you laid   Inbox
Patsy Hollingsworth
to me
More options 4 Mar (4 days ago)

We offer a service that helps people get laid!
So many guys and girls are driving distance from you, wanting to get laid!

No lame pickup lines… no gifts… no walks on the beach…
people here only think about sex 😉

Just so you know, a little over 65% of members already got laid!”


PS. I  finally got an internet connection in my laboratory.

I have discovered the conveinence of BitTorrent. For those who don’t understand, it’s a peer-to-peer thing where you schnaffle a file off someone and then while your grabbing it, someone else grabs it off you, sort of like turtles hitching rides on eachother. I think that’s what happens. I shall now never want for the odd tv show I care to re-view.

So to you nazis at Paramount or whatever studio that would not release the second season of Twin Peaks on DVD, bite me. I would’ve bought it.