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I was mentioning that song Jean Genie to my friend and she sez she’d never heard of it. David Bowie, I said. Boo-ee?  Bow-eee. Never heard of him, she says. Ziggy Stardust? No. The Zig? No. The thin white duke? No. Oh c’mon, you know; that guy who sold the world? No. Davy Jones and–No. Aladdin Sane? Yes — wait, No. Major Tom? No. The dude with tights on in Labrynith? No.

I got on the dippy file sharing network, for my own pleasement more than anything, but it only has the FM gold (gold, baby, gold) of course, of which Jean Genie is part of, but all tracks on those albums are great. It’s kind of stuck between most songs on those (early) albums being good but I cringe a little at the thought of spending 20, 000 on one — because you can’t get just one – there’s about four that fall in to that early classic period — but a compilation doesn’t do the situation justice either. Plus I used to have an old dubbed tape from when I was 15y.o that had all the good ones on – “I’ll give you back my farmland, I’ll give you back my house, I’ll give you back my right to be free .. etc”  And I had Hunky Dory on record, which the tyranny of dislocation is keeping me from.

But it got me thinking that I’ve been singing ‘5 Years’ for 15 years now, and we’re still going strong – so that’s something to be hopeful for. Plus it was done a while before then.

Also the MacDonalds in town went bust. The only other place I know that happened was in Newton, sydney. Those places are usually a license to print money. Score one to the purchasing power of the people.

The paddock across the road from my window must’ve been sold because there’s development happening on it. And while there’s been moments of fun watching the tracked, earth-scoop machine — with it’s jerky, robot but kind of human limb movements — it makes me wish I had a hundered foot robot which I would command to go over there and SMASH MEN CRUSH MACHINES! I prefer the quiet summer dawn peasants working the earth with their bare hands – to whatever the heck it is they’re going to build there. Their trucks are cracking the footpath.
This morning I stood by the window in jocks and passive-aggressively chomped a piece of peanut butter toast while staring down a dirty little man who weilded a “broom”  — could not believe, not sure if he should look – a foriegner in that apartment. This country is so ill equipped, they have bulk of one thing, like bright green bristled, traditional (i.e. crappy) brooms, but no shovels. They put long strecthes of carpet underlay over the footpath, as if this would somehow stop the cracking and spread of mud.

My co-worker who I travelled to adelaide with last month (here in bottom pic.) suffered the death of her dog while she was away – her brother and his family was looking after it and it got run over. A real shame because she loved that dog. I met it a couple of times, nice dog – for a small dog. This came after her other dog, which her parents were looking after, also got run over about six months ago.

Anyhoo, I was rather surprised today to hear said co-worker tell me that she’d got a new dog – okay well not surprised about that part, but that it was a robot dog – artificial intelligence, she says. A Sony, she says. I didn’t say anything but the first thing I thought was that if this one got run over – it could probably be repaired. Just odd because I didn’t think she was the type that’d go for a electronic doggy pal. Maybe the real plus is that you don’t have to entrust it to relatives when you go away.