“they want to make minced meat out of me”

I think the Russians are going to kill me. It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been outside. Maybe 2 weeks. I was walking down the chung-ang-no, which is a car-free street, just minding my own business when I hear this woman’s voice; “Roo-ski” she says, and eventhough it was crowded and it could’ve been to anyone, I knew it was directed at me. I turned and briefly corrected her – no, I am from australia – I say with words to that affect.
Later I noticed that her and another, older woman were following me. Then I saw the old guy with the whole bottom row of dull, gold teeth. I started to get the heeby-geebies and came straight home.

I can’t swallow food anymore. All I am able to eat is these vitamin enhanced gummi-worms. As you can see they are outrageously expensive, I am running through my funds very quickly. On the whole my condition has not deteriorated too much but my gums are in a bad way and I lost molar tooth yesterday.

I’m not sleeping in what I would call a normal way. Sometimes I will drift down through reverie and (who knows really?) maybe get 10 seconds of delta wave patterns before a muscle spasm will pull me back to awakeness.

I’ve noticed that the number of gunships that pass over each day always tallies to an odd number, and they only appear in those minute-numbers that are divisible by three.

“Jesus h. christ in a chicken basket. I don’t kow where this is going to end.”