quite by accident, on the same day as Helston flora day

brutvorst, various

My life was standing facing backwards on a descending escalator. I’d always known that I was destined for something. Not greatness, but something. And til then I thought that the something was a certain level of admiration bestowed upon me by my peers in my chosen profession. Well… I didn’t so much choose it as fell into it, as much as one can fall into the line of fake food making–or as some of them insist on calling it– imitation food and beverage artistry.

By fell into it, I mean that I’d once been pressured into helping an uncle out who was late with a full showcase for a Bavarian restaurant in… Bavaria. I made the bratwurst. I had no idea what I was doing. Regardless, they turned out well. So now that’s my thing, my niche, saugages. Sure it’s not a big market but it’s stable.