I remember a time when once you used to love me

I’m going to chalk it up to being postmodern and ironic that I would speak poorly of lists of product purcahses one week, then go ahead and do it myself another.

Certainly I would always prefer shopping in person, but there’s nothing here — so a bunch of self-initiated presents arrived for me in the mail this week. I got:

* the album Horse Stories by the Dirty Three, because even though they are terrible people, especially that warren elliss, (ooh, I hate that man) they make some good australian-sounding, australian music.

* the dvd of The Day The Earth Stood Still — we are very curious to know where you come from …. From another planet. Classic.

* Lovecraft – tales — edited by Peter Straub. look here. I think I’ve mentioned here before how I like Lovecraft’s dry style and the whole dark new england feel it evokes. Upon inspection it looks to be a really well put together book too, physically that is.

* It’s not everybody’s cuppa tea, but I got another copy of The Road Less Travelled (there’s one back in storage in N.geelong) — I recently bought a copy in hanguk-oh for my friend as a way of saying ‘here is a book and some concepts I heartily endorse’. She read it, we’re talking about it, and all up it’s been quite productive.

* Similarly, an old friend recommend I read We: understanding the psychology of romantic love. Which I will do when it gets here. I read a little of the ‘He’ book (there’s two others in the series) in geelong and they employ a whole bunch of core myths to illustrate points – so it’s not so kooky after all. Myths like that Fisher King one.

* Will Self My Idea of Fun – because he’s such a perspicacious, dark-minded bastard. Also, the problem with here is while there’s plenty of ‘literature’ whatever the heck that is, of the American variety, there’s bugger all English stuff. Not that I’m america-bashing, it’s just the nature of the recent history of the country.

Have you noticed how little america-bashing I do these days? There was a time when every second post was having a go at it. I was just telling people on the weekend (n.americans) how since I’ve been here there’s a bunch of chips I’ve brushed off my shoulder; americans, the US military, and christianity. The first one the most – all up americans I’ve met are no worse or better than australians. And yes, the US military are still the single largest polluter of the environment, but I can’t really blame the grunts i meet for that. Some folks I meet are really nice, like a woman who is a tank-track mechanic, some are funny looking — with all those pointy haircuts, and young guys with moustaches – like that detective in There’s Something About Mary. Christians still get on my back sometimes too, but on the whole, don’t.

* From ye old Wales bookshop — _finally_ I found in-print copies of Dylan Thomas’ collected letters. So I got that as well as a book collection of his poems.