rule of slack

My favourite song presently is nepalese bliss (here for now, gone in a while). That is the DJ Food remix of the track, original by Irresistible Force. That piano bit really stays in my head – but not in a nonstop noisesome way that some musical things can get. This is more distant and pleasant.

I’ve been a bit fond of the DJ Food conglomerate but this year they’re coming up as one of my definite faves. That is, the people from Cold Cut, a guy called DK and Strictly Kev – and perhaps there’s more too, I don’t know. I already have NinjaTune linked on the home-pagey here and the Solid Steel page is just one link deep from ninja, but I’m tempted to give it a seperate link anyway. What it is, is a weekly 2-3hr broadcast featuring this or that and another DJ and it’s often very good. Cold Cut do the first half this week so click through and dig in.

I mean where else are you going to hear Harry Hall’s Teddy Bears’ Picnic mixed in? It’s edumacational too because now I know that someone called harry hall did that song, and you even get to hear the totally obscure second verse.

The Solid Steel show is rebroadcast by various radio stations around the world (for those who just don’t got the bandwidth) and I suppose it’s saying something good about the state of radio in Australia because there’s two national and two city-based stations that pick it up each week.

horst koch

In other news I just can’t get motivated, so I guess it’s lucky that Spring Break just started. I feel like I should go WOOHOO or something. Wear a toga. I used the three million dollar projector to look through last year’s happy snapz on the big screen. Far be it for me to complain about the priorities of my superiors, but while the gadgets are mildly amusing, the chairs and table in the room are a joke. Ye goot tae huf a gut chair mun!

Party on dudes.