time for us to bugout

Once a while back I mentioned Duran Duran’s The Reflex and boggled at how chaotic is was. I blamed the chaps that made up the pop group. After some thinking, like about two months worth, I now believe it the doing of the sound engineers –they were the ones doing much too much cocaine. Yes, I now am now of the opinion that the only real excesses that DD themselves were guilty of is spending too much time at the hair dressers.

Check out Digital Primate. I almost feel like he’s a close personal friend. He’s a monkey wiv a space helmet, holding a micrphone.

Also, it’s really cool to just have stumbled across this: The Evolution Control Committee. These/this is the kind of sound artists that operate beside the legal because people like ACDC are dickheads.

I already knew two of there tracks without knowing who did them – and it is these ones that I suggest you check out first, on the sounds page — Rocked by Rape, and I want a Cookie, from the Plagairhythm Nation 2.0. Star Spangled Balogna is pretty funny too.