du bist seonny buh-rairks-uh!

The blog-O-sphere is getting smaller.

For the last week I’ve been thinking of it as like the universe that had reached its point of maximum stretch and was returning. But this would mean that things would get hotter and faster, which they are not. No, it’s all spreading further and further apart and it’s getting harder to find decent sites to read.

There’s all these complex, facinating and funny humans who are throwing themselves on the end-blog bell curve. The living enactment of the statistics of apathy in action. Some of them write little notes at the end saying they are quitting, like little blog-suicide notes, some lock themselves into damp caves like the livejournal set up. And others degenerate to a point of just drawing pictures of bank statements.

It’s not as if these people don’t go on the net anymore, so why finish — because ‘everybody else’ is? I don’t care. It just makes it clearer that those of us left are much more likely to be the truely exhibitionistic, the neurotic and delusional, and those with a pathologically driven desire to write.

Kind of as a side note, it also occurs to me that it’s rather a shame that there is still no centralisation of melbourne (or victorian) blogs, thanks to the egos of two melbourne personalities.

* * *

As for me, it’s not that I’m writing less, it’s just that time is slowing down. Also I’m readjusting to being a worker. All winter I’d been hankering to do some corporal punishment, and when I finally get back on the job in the classroom I realised I’d left my rod at home. What could I do? The same thing any of us surely would have — I unlatched the battery from the back of the Vaio and got Corporal with that.

But when I put it back in a thing comes up on the screen saying that it’s not sitting in there properly. I maintain it’s wrong, and that it’s some kind of software glitch.

Also, today I got sent home early by the vice-principal for ‘flagrant tie abuse’. He sat me down and (thru interpreter) says that I’ve been wearing them in a most distasteful way for much too long now … blah blah blah — mostly it was to do with me going with the four in hand instead of half windsor, and it always being crooked… and colour/pattern choice. Apparently there was a total of 8 seperate complaints about a flat fire-engine red silk job I sometimes wear. He finished off by saying that all this was especially disappointing because I, and I quote, “came from the land of ties”. I’m still trying to figure that last thing out.

PS. I’m sorry that graphic at the top of the entry looks unfinished. I lost motivation.