I wish, I wish I were a catfish

After a flat day or two I just got to acknowledging the reality of this readjustment phase. Once it gets to that, things slowly start to get better. When I was back over there I couldn’t wait to get back here, now that I’m here .. I kind of wish I was back over there … or maybe not. The night is better – I don’t feel like I’m wasting my frikkin’ life at night. I was talking to a friend who suffers from depression – who said that the transition phase from day to night was something that would often cause anxiety. It’s the other way around for me – if I’m having a nowhere day — it gets to night I think phew, thank fuck that’s over.
At least there’s plenty of tri-horned children here, and the temperatures actually aren’t that bad – like topping 6 or 7 celcius. But it’s still puts the metabolism in a slower cycle.