I jig on your gravy

In celebration of the total annihilation of grudnuk.com, here’s a catalogue
of the CDs I bought while back here on hols.

1. Ed Kuepper – Honey Steel’s Gold. If there’s one thing that SK lacks, it’s decent Australian rock and hearing the ten minute version of King of Vice almost brings a tear to the eye. This was the one pick out of a whole lot of stuff I am not a millionaire for. There should be something that says that you can redeem yr old cassettes for new CDs because when you’re a kid, spending your money on music costs all that much more. Yeah, so it didn’t take *me* to get to the age of thirty before discovering The Church — I was listening to them in year 9. And the Beasts, Cruel Sea and Tex Perkins are also missed on a semi-regular basis.

I wanted to turn dreams into reality and get a Dirty Three album too, but couldn’t find anything below thirty bucks.

2. Hot Chocolate – THe Essential Collection — 2 discs, 11 bucks, every 1’s a winner!

3. Pink Floyd – Relics and Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Also cheap and pretty good. Careful with that axs, Eugene.
The rest were all second hand ->

4. Soma – Soma Rasa ep. – Dave Thrussell and the other guy during the mid-90s.

5. Snog – Beyond the Valley of the Proles. Featuring the stirring artwork of Chris Woods (I have to leave all the CD covers and even the actual CDs behind due to weight restrictions; it’s all ripped to pod. From the early 2000s, this has the rather catchy tune, ‘Businessman’ but I don’t know that they’ve been heard from much since.

6. DJ Food & DK – Solid Steel Vol.1 – This is a really neat set that includes a little bit of a bradbury short story, marionettes inc., but I’ve run out of motivation to write anything more here. I feel a bit nauseous.

7. Pavement – Brighten the Corners — because it never fails to make me feel better and reminds me that life ain’t that serious.
In addition I’d like to say I’ve been doing this blogging thing since 1995 and: you don’t hear me complaining, bricolage, it’s all much of a muchness, right mate whatever ya reckon, I don’t have to pretend to like it, bloody hell.